Our Mission

To make it easy for new RV owners to find, purchase, and enjoy their rigs. 

Katie Monsma

Katie Monsma provides pre-purchase RV inspections, maintenance services, and owner education in the Mid-Atlantic area, with a focus on Hampton Roads VA and Southern MD areas. She is certified, licensed, and insured, and takes pride in providing professional services. She is a military spouse and mama of one boy.

Katie has been camping ever since she was little, and her passion for the outdoors led her to get her Master’s in Environmental Education. She has worked in the MD State Park system and in Olympic National Park, has developed and run after school STEM programs, and enjoys using her experience to make it easier for new RV owners to get outside through RV adventures. She and her family have a GSD/Malinois rescue, a cat who likes to go on walks, and a flock of chickens. Her favorite outdoor activities include hiking and canoeing, she is a BJJ blue belt, and cannot survive without dark chocolate.

Her family started looking into RV’s for several reasons- a bit more comfort and convenience while camping, as a potential side income (renting it out), and as emergency housing should they ever find themselves in the midst of another difficult PCS such as their PCS to VA during the housing boom.  

After buying her RV, she came across “RV Inspector” as a job, and immediately knew it would work well with her current phase of life, as well as when her husband retires in a few years. Given that RV Tech work is already in her husband’s wheelhouse given his MOS, it seemed a natural partnership for them to work towards. Their current plan is to start with RV inspections, maintenance, and owner education offerings, and over the next several years, her husband will go through the RVTAA Certified Technician training. Upon retiring, this will allow her family time to travel, work in the RV industry, and homeschool their son before settling and maybe starting a “second” career. 

NRVIA Certified RV Inspector #377, RVTAA Registered RV Technician #2542, Truma Certified Technician, military spouse, and mama