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Pre-purchase RV Inspection
I offer two levels of inspection, Essential and Premier.
Both levels involve every system on the RV including water, propane, electrical, and the structure.

As an NRVIA Certified RV Inspector, I follow the standards of practice and the code of ethics as required by the association.  The comprehensive report you will get breaks down any issues found into: 1-Life Safety issues, 2-Major issues, 3-Minor issues, and 4- Inspector observations/comments. This report can also give you leverage to have repairs done before signing the dotted line or lower the sales price- oftentimes effectively covering the cost of the inspection. 

Check out this document to better understand how they differ and NRVIA’s “What to Know When Hiring An Inspector”

I believe in being fair and transparent about my pricing- everyone sees the same pricing below (current as of 3/2024, subject to change semi-annually). 

Essential Level Inspections

Essential focuses on functionality of the components (ie, does the A/C work at efficiency? Does the stove turn on?), and evaluates the general condition of the roof. On average, an Essential level inspection takes 4-6 hours on site. Essential inspection reports include around 40 pictures and are often around 50 pages in length.

  • Pop-Up: $250
  • Truck Camper: $350
  • Compact Travel Trailers (<15′ long): $350
  • Travel Trailers: $450
  • Class B/C: $550
  • 5th Wheel: $600
  • Class A: $650

*Please note that an inspection location greater than 75 miles or 1.5 hours from my two service area bases of Gloucester VA or Huntingtown MD will include an additional $75 travel fee for both levels of inspection. 

Premier Level Inspections

Premier will also look at the condition and style of those components (ie, what brand of water heater is there? what is the output wattage of the microwave?), and looks at every inch of sealant on the roof. A Premier level inspection takes 6-8 hours on site.  Premier inspection reports include 80-100 pictures, including 360 degree images, and are often around 100 pages in length.

  • Truck Camper: $550
  • Compact Travel Trailers (<15′ long): $550
  • Travel Trailers: $800
  • Class B/C: $900*
  • 5th Wheel: $1000**
  • Class A: $1200
  • *Super C: $1150
  • **Toy hauler: $1100

When I get to the site, I will send a time stamped picture and let you know I am starting the inspection. I then provide a verbal report as I am wrapping up the inspection, and upload the written report by noon the next day. 

I will be available for a follow up call within a few days of you receiving the report to answer any questions.  If you’re interested in seeing an example report, I am happy to send you one by email. 

If you still have questions, please free to call or text me at 804-625-4876, email me at [email protected], or check out our FAQ’s

If you don’t want a full, NRVIA level inspection or if you already purchased your RV, I offer several alternatives. 

A Safety Evaluation will inspect and test items such as tires, axles, LP/CO detectors, an LP leak test, batteries, turn signals, and more for $200. Can also be used as a bare minimum pre-purchase inspection.

A Warranty Expiration inspection can be done after your purchase and before your warranty expires. Pricing depends on your warranty terms, but starts at $200 for 2 hours. 

A Pre-Trip Inspection is exactly what it sounds like- a check of systems and appliances before you leave for a long trip, time or mileage wise. It includes a life safety inspection as well as a test of appliances for $300. 

Need an inspection for lender approval? Please reach out to learn more! 

Pay for an inspection now or an RV tech later....choose wisely!

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RV Bootcamp for new owners

New to RVs? Don’t let your first camping trip be one of stress and frustration trying to remember everything you were shown and taught on the dealer walkthrough. I can meet you before your first trip or even at your first campsite (VA or MD) to help you set up and answer your questions. $200 for 3 hours, flat fee no matter the location. 

Did you know that 70% of all issues RV Techs see can be avoided with regular maintenance of your RV? Minimize trip interruptions and keep your family safer with scheduled maintenance. Pricing depends on services, but starts at $100, and avoids service call fees (especially after hours). 

  • Get rid of smells, clogs and reduce sensor issues with black and gray tank cleaning
  • Make sure you’re ready for summer by getting an AC performance check and cleaning
  • Get your rig cleaned and sealant touched up 
  • Do you know the age of your LP detector, tires, or propane container is or that they have an expiration date? 

Getting a fluid sample analysis is like getting bloodwork for your engines. Samples can be pulled from the engine of your motorhome, generator, or tow vehicle and will give you a detailed report. You can bundle this with a pre-purchase inspection, pre-trip inspection, or by itself. $125/2 samples, +$40 for every additional sample. 

Katie is a Truma Certified Technician, and can install or troubleshoot the Truma AquaGo, Truma Combi, Truma VarioHeat, or Truma Aventa. 

Protect your RV(s) and your business with 90 day inspections. Required by some rental platforms but an essential business practice regardless, quarterly inspections alerts you to any issues or potential issues on your rig. $300 flat fee. Discounts for multiple units at the same location.

We’ve got your 6. As a military family, we understand and appreciate your service. All military, active duty, National Guard, reserve, or veterans, will receive a discount applied to their order (applied post order).